Randall T. Byrnes, PhD
York, PA | Sedona, AZ
Who are your clients?

Leaders who actively pursue self-development.

What is your role?

I serve as advisor, coach or mentor as required.

What are the key deliverables in your coaching engagements?
  • A heightened awareness of self
  • A clear understanding of self-imposed stumbling blocks
  • A plan to manage those blocks and successfully achieve the client’s desired goals.
How do you approach each engagement?

In a non-prescriptive manner. The client and I are going to develop the path forward together. I do not bring an answer looking for a question.

What are the basics of each engagement?
  • Assess ‘What is Now’ for the client, their team or the organization. What is the context of our work together? Are the objectives known? Where do we begin?
  • Acknowledge & Appreciate ‘What Was’ by identifying the ‘Lessons Learned’. What knowledge or events need to be retained from the past? What turning points might be identified that assist our process moving forward?
  • Work toward ‘What is Next’. With a heightened awareness of the present and the past, what does the client now want to achieve? Are there metrics that apply to this ‘Next Stage’? What other individuals might be impacted by the client’s new roles and goals?
How does each engagement differ?

In the client’s capacity for awareness and willingness to test themselves.

What makes you an ideal choice as an executive coach?

One needs to walk in the shoes of the business leader to advise or coach the business leader. My interaction with a client originates in a place of real-time experience and understanding of a leader’s role. There is a required amount of empathy to the challenges of a leader that is not satisfied by books and good intentions.

You do not learn to dance by reading about it, listening to a lecture about it or watching others do it – you only learn to dance by dancing.