Randall T. Byrnes, PhD
York, PA | Sedona, AZ
Who are your clients?

YPO forums, leadership teams, family business leaders and CEO groups.

How long is a retreat?

Our programs are designed for 2.5 days excluding travel. We begin Thursday at 1:00pm and finish Saturday evening.

What are the core deliverables?
  • Dialogue centered on a specific program theme
  • Individual reflection time
  • Recreational activities and outdoor challenges tied to the retreat theme
How is a retreat theme developed?

Following contact by a group’s representative, we send a pre-retreat survey to each participating member in the forum/team/group asking about their priorities and goals for the retreat. We then build activities and discussion materials around their needs and review with the primary contact prior to arrival. If requested, we will contact the participants by phone to further explore the retreat theme and desired goals.

What are some examples of retreat themes?
  • Becoming a Mindful Leader
  • Retirement – Your Way
  • Values and Leadership: Collision or Compass
  • Managing Changing Roles in a Growing Business Family
  • Developing Extraordinary Leaders: Choosing Growth over Fear in Work & Life
How do your retreats differ from others?

Our retreats emphasize internal work supported by unique outside activities. Each person’s experience is dependent on their willingness to test themselves and be open to learning.

Our programs touch mind, heart and body in ways that make a difference to each participant.

Are there physical challenges?

Our programs are founded on a “challenge-by-choice” philosophy meaning you will never be asked to participate or undertake any activity that you do not choose to. We provide the challenge and you always have a choice as to what level you will participate.

What are the credentials of the leaders in the retreat?

I am an experienced executive coach, former CEO of my own company and Certified YPO Facilitator. Our outside expert, Glenn Slattery brings over 25 years of corporate outdoor training and experiential learning to the design of our programs.

This blend of mind and body provides a holistic perspective to each retreat experience.

What is a typical program cost?

Programs average $1,400 to $2,200/person not including transportation, housing and food.

What is the next step to move forward?

Send an email to me, rbyrnes@byrnesassociatesllc.com and we’ll schedule a call to discuss your questions, interests and ideas for a retreat theme tailored to your group.